18 April 2016

The Next Great Brand

By Hector Saulnier | hector@bevproconsulting.com

You know you have a great brand and you have found a local agent that has set up a meeting with the Provincial Liquor board. Great!  Or is it?  Have you done your homework or has the agent done their homework?  Well let’s hope so because you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Projet de Loi 88 Producteur Quebec (French)

Par Benoit Beaudet | benoit@bevproconsulting.com

Projet de loi 88 : des vins artisanaux produits au Québec, autorisés à être vendus  en épicerie et non plus seulement à la SAQ ….. l’ouverture des marchés hors du monopole !

Le ministre des finances du Québec, Mr Carlos Leitao, a déposé en décembre dernier, juste avant la clôture de la session parlementaire un projet de loi visant la vente de produits alcooliques artisanaux Québécois en épicerie.

Is your Supply Chain ready for Canada’s Alcohol Market?

By Christine Botham | christine@bevproconsulting.com

“Burst strength”, “Packaging Standards”, “Floor Loading”, “LTL”, “Re-work”. Do these terms seem familiar? If not, are you confident your customers are receiving product in perfect condition, meeting all requirements, on-time and in full?

Within the Canadian Alcoholic Beverage market – and globally – the physical supply chain plays an ever important role. Supply Chain execution & planning are key to truly meeting your customers’ needs. They also provide the opportunity to optimize and create cost savings.

Want to sell your wine in Canada’s $6 Billion+ wine market?

By Jackie McAskill | jackie@bevproconsulting.com

Tapping into the over $6 Billion and growing Canadian market is a great opportunity for many wine suppliers.  Let me help – as a former Wine Buyer / Category Manager for Canada’s largest beverage alcohol retailer (LCBO) and one of the largest importers of wine in the world, I have some insights that can help you succeed in the Canadian Marketplace.

SAQ Inspire. Bill 181 (French)

Par Benoit Beaudet | benoit@bevproconsulting.com

LA SAQ a lancé le 1er Octobre 2015 auprès de sa clientèle son nouveau programme expérientiel client : SAQ Inspire ...une évolution majeure dans la stratégie promotionnelle pour les fournisseurs et agents promotionnels les représentant!

Considering the Canadian Beverage Market?

By Hector Saulnier | hector@bevproconsulting.com

If you are considering selling beverage alcohol products in Canada ($20.5 Billion) market for the first time what do you need to know.  Well to tell the truth “alot”. First it is not one Canadian market it is a number of sub- markets all similar but very different. Each Jurisdiction has pricing, technical, administrative, and commercial rules that take time and effort to understand.